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About Myself

My mission is to teach people how to heal the hurts that keep them from being happier. 

I am a therapist, writer, teacher, human being. I used to be a computer geek... I mean... Information Technology professional. As much as I enjoyed my first career, I felt called to make a change. While I felt called to help others; it was awhile before I would appreciate how being a therapist would challenge me to heal myself.

In this journey, I have worked to drop judgments and misconceptions so I can see humanity beneath a person's wounds. I've had to face my own discomfort of pain, both others and my own. I've learned to let go of many things and how to dive into pain to heal the things that don't want to let go. I practice the things I teach to others. 

In my work as a therapist, I've developed a strong realization of the ways we avoid feeling, healing, growing. I've learned how fear and shame blocks us at each turn. I've learned how to help people work through these blocks to create a calmer, happier version of themselves.

I teach a specific healing method of mindfulness that is a game changer for people tired of just coping or avoiding their feelings. So I can reach more people, I wrote how to do this in my book

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