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Spirituality & Counseling

Are you trying to find yourself spiritually but struggle with direction?  Are there deep questions you can't ask or discuss with those around you? Do you feel stunted in your search for understanding?

Many people have unanswered questions, yet don't have a forum to explore how all the confusing ideas fit in with your path.  I believe therapy should be able to address all aspects of who you are, including spiritual beliefs.​ I have an open minded approach that allows exploration of your core beliefs and your experiences. Your spiritual connection can be a powerful source of healing and I can help you remove blocks to accessing that healing.

I have incorporated the  personal beliefs of people from many backgrounds: Christianity (including Amish Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, LDS members or "Mormons"), Paganism, Buddhism and Atheism. I believe all emotional growth is connected to spiritual development. If you feel drawn to explore further, let's meet to discuss how I may be of service.

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