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Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress

Post-traumatic Stress is more than flashbacks and nightmares: it is the desperate need to control everything. It is the anger that explodes unexpectedly. It is confusing over-reactions and deep pain. It is the dysfunction of the past bleeding into the present.

If you have unhealed trauma, you may feel like you are a lone wolf, different from others, without a true "pack". Other people don't understand your pain, not truly. At times you isolate yourself. Other times you may fake it, try to run with the pack and push your pain down. Sometimes it almost seems to work ... until it stops working and your world falls apart.

This kind of suffering does not need to continue! Healing is possible. As difficult as it is to work on trauma, the potential for post-traumatic growth is worth it. It can mean feeling connected to others again.

I have worked with clients on trauma since 2012. I am currently certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an evidence based treatment for PTSD and a powerful tool for healing core issues.

If you are considering treatment, call me to set up an appointment.

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