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Anxiety and Depression

Are you on the anxiety and depression roller coaster? Have you noticed that when one improves, the other gets worse? Perhaps  your depression starts to lift. You have energy again, you can see hope. You look around at the world, but your anxiety begins to pick up. Look at all the things to fix! What if things go wrong? As you try frantically to make everything work, control slips through your fingers. Depression seeps in. You feel hopeless, like a failure.

Anxiety and Depression are connected. This is true even with panic attacks or phobias. While medications can provide some relief, wouldn't you rather get off the merry-go-round completely?

I want to work with people ambitious enough to try. I have helped a lifelong phobia disappear within a few months. I've had depressed clients feel happier than they had in years or sometimes decades. I help people tackle the core of their problems so they can be empowered to change. If you want to work on healing your emotional blocks, give me a call and we can work together toward your own Happiness Project.