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Healthy Relationships

Are you the person who says, "I would give you the shirt off my back" yet you find yourself not receiving the love you give? You care so deeply, try so hard, and feel good about it, until you need something and no one is there for you. Are you overwhelmed with the needs of those around you? Perhaps you're burning out. You may even think the only way out is to move across the country!

I've seen these patterns time and time again. They occur when people struggle to say no and set relationship boundaries. It may be hard to see how People Pleasing and Approval Addiction are dysfunctional when they feel so right at times. The problem with trying so hard is that it exhausts us - and leads to resentment.

These patterns can be hard to shake, but I can help. We can work together to heal the underlying causes, freeing you to create the loving, reciprocal relationships you've always wanted.

If this sounds like what you need, call me. I'd love to help.

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