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Earlier this week, I was having a conversation about needing more patience. The common idea of patience is like a person standing in line seething but staying quiet. I've read that we need to practice our ability to be patient, like working a muscle and building our strength in that area.

While this idea has merit, it sounds more like anger management to me. I agree we shouldn't let our temper fly, however this "patient" person in line is trying to keep calm while justifying impatience and therefore solidifying blame and anger. (i.e. "Why don't they have more people on the registers?")

I don't believe this is true patience. When our mindset shifts and we are completely okay with the situation as it is, that is patience and takes far less effort. It's quite a different strategy to change our mindset from being angry about waiting in line to, "Hey, this is a good time to scroll through those wedding pictures!" This is just one example of many opportunities that waiting provides. If you are in such a hurry often, perhaps a line is the perfect time to slow down, do some breathing and practice mindfulness. This adds self-care into your day without changing your busy schedule. When you're done waiting, you leave feeling refreshed!

I think true patience is a shift of mindset. We might even find ourselves enjoying the very situation we thought we needed patience for! This is the kind of patience that, when used regularly, will help change our experience of daily life. Now, that's worth practicing.

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