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... invades our lives. We worry about there being not enough money although we've always managed to survive in the past. We've eaten enough not to starve. We've had shelter enough not to freeze. We've had company enough not to go mad from isolation. And perhaps most of all, we fear not having enough love and approval.

The FEAR invades our lives, causing us to lose sight of what we have.

Does Gratitude Help? Some suggest writing a gratitude list, trying to focus on the positives. It might help, or it might feel unsatisfying. The belief that we need MORE destroys gratitude. It undermines our awareness that we've always had enough.

Fear versus Joy

Fear of the future being worse will actually make the future worse. It gnaws at our joy. Try to find something in the present that is not weighed down with emotional baggage. Start small. What brings a sense of joy? Is it the sound of your toddler’s laugh? Is it the feel of fresh air in your lungs as you walk in nature with your able body? Is it the look on your friend or partner’s face the last time you laughed hard together, or the warmth of their last hug?

Joy + Mindfulness

Slow down and feel the joy of the moment that came to mind. Pause. Notice your mind and body react in response to your in-joy-ment. Then notice:

This is enough. Just for now, in this moment, it is enough.

Stop Chasiong, Start Finding!

You will never feel enough by chasing solutions to all your fears. That is an infinite game. You can only ever feel enough in the moment. Find it now. Then repeat. Find time daily.

Have you ever noticed that wisdom is not found after hours of analyzing with your intellect? Yet in a moment of connection with joy and gratitude, you can learn the wisdom that is with you always, sitting under the surface. In this wisdom live keys to peace and joy.

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