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Joy + Consistency = Happier

"One joy can scatter a hundred sorrows."

I heard this quote today and thought about where it might be true.

Consider how the mind typically rolls out negative thoughts by default. Who knows how many hundreds or thousands of negative thoughts prance through your mind each day.

And yet a mindfulness or meditation practice of only a few minutes daily has enough impact to shift one's mood. Consistency is key. Those who try this will notice a difference in their peace and disruption in mood when they discontinue the practice.

While 5 minutes a day won't transform everything, spending time deliberately in the right place of your mind is necessary for happiness and growth. Repetition is necessary. The negative thoughts automatically repeat. A small investment in the positive makes a difference.

Nowadays, a great deal of scientific research backs this up. But nothing is better than experiencing it for yourself. Just 5 minutes before you get out of bed or in the car after work can create a practice strong enough to support a healthy mindset.

Consistency is vital but a little can go a long way. In this way, it may be perfectly true that one Joy can scatter a hundred sorrows.

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